If you have an Alphax or Betax shutter, congratulations! You own one of the Wollensak Optical Company’s finest products. Manufactured between 1921 and 1972, this classic line of leaf shutters is rugged, reliable and extremely well made. Properly serviced, your Alphax and Betax shutters can continue serving your photographic vision for decades to come.

At Alphax Betax Shutter Services, I offer full service parts, repairs, and replacements for your Alphax and Betax shutters at a reasonable cost. In addition, I offer limited CLA services on Wollensak’s Studio shutters and iris diaphragm barrels. This site also provides resources to learn more about Wollensak lenses and shutters, Wollensak history, Wollensak serial numbers, and browse original Wollensak catalogs and publications. I sometimes offer a few Wollensak products for sale in the shop.

Shutter Service Overview

Bench Exam– Check all shutter functions
– Examine internal shutter mechanisms
– Provide written cost estimate
(waived if follow-on
services are performed)
Clean, Lubricate,
and Adjust (CLA)
– Remove, clean, and adjust key parts
– Apply new lubricant, reassemble shutter
– Test all shutter functions
– Measure all shutter speeds
Repair– Perform full CLA plus
– Repair or replace worn, missing, or damaged parts
– Labor is $60 per hour, charged in 15-minute increments
Cost of CLA plus
repair parts and labor
Replacement– If parts are not available or repairs are not economically viable,
replacement shutters are occasionally available for purchase
– All replacement shutters have been CLAd
– Original aperture scale transferred to replacement shutter upon request
Inquire about pricing
and availability

Doing Business

  1. Please write me before shipping your shutter for service.  I want to be on the lookout for your incoming package.
  2. After we have corresponded about the services you seek, please ship to:
    Alphax Betax Shutter Services
    4005 Wisconsin Ave NW #5598
    Washington, DC 20016
  3. After receiving your shutter, I will perform a bench exam and then send you a written service estimate
  4. If you approve services, I will perform the work and send you a PayPal invoice upon completion
  5. Once the invoice is paid, I will ship your shutter back with a speed test data sheet and 90-day warranty

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