All CLAs, repairs, and replacement shutters are guaranteed to provide reliable service for 90 days from the date of return shipping.  If a shutter fails in this period, return it to me.  I will either perform additional service free of charge, or I will refund your original service costs (at my discretion).  This warranty does not apply if the shutter has been damaged, abused, tampered with, or misused since the original service.  Alphax Betax Shutter Services is not responsible for any loss or consequential damage resulting from the use of the serviced equipment, even if the loss or damage is caused by the negligence or fault of Alphax Betax Shutter Services.

Service Agreement

There is a degree of risk in any service.  Problems may be worse than they appear during the Bench Exam, or additional problems may emerge in the course of service.  By authorizing service, you acknowledge and accept this risk. Alphax Betax Shutter Services shall seek written authorization before proceeding with any services beyond those initially authorized by the customer.  If authorized services are unsuccessful, Alphax Betax Shutter Services reserves the right to return the shutter in a non-functional state.  In this case, service fees are waived and only the Bench Exam and return shipping will fees apply.

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